The Importance Of Civil Disobedience In The United States

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In the United States we live in a free society where the government is based off the needs and wants of its citizens. The definition of civil disobedience is the act of opposing a law one considers unjust and peacefully disobeying it while accepting the consequences. Basically it is saying that if you want a change you can protest it but at the same time you are putting yourself in a position to be punished if you completely disobey the law. If a law is passed that a group of people disagree with, then they have the right to gather together and protest that law. This right to protest is part of one’s freedom of speech found in the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights. I think this has the ability to positively impact our free society if done properly. Our cultures and ideas are constantly changing and we need to show the government that the law also needs to change with the society. The government may not realize that there is a need for a change in a certain law, so it is our…show more content…
One big example is the law that permits abortion, which is a very controversial topic among different groups in our society. The groups that disagree with legal abortion gather together to protest and try to make a change. Many of these types of protests happen throughout the year but the biggest and most well known one is the March for Life in Washington D.C. These people are fighting for a change in a law they consider unjust. Another common civil disobedience right now is women fighting for equal pay and treatment in the workforce. In the past women have had different roles in society. They used to be stay-at-home-moms where they would clean the house, teach and raise the kids, and make dinner. Now women are seen more in the workforce just like men, but they are getting paid less. With how our society has changed concerning the roles of women, laws also need to change to make it equal to
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