Essay On Civil Liberties

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Civil Liberties According to the video by Crash Course, “Civil Liberties are the freedom placed on government. 2 Basically, they are things the government can not do that might interfere with your personal freedom. 3 And, Civil Rights are curbs on the power of majorities to make decisions that would benefit some at the expense of others. 4 Basically, Civil Rights are guarantees of equal citizenship and they mean that citizens are protected from discrimination by majorities.” Civil rights are established by federal government, and these includes rights to be free from unequal treatment on certain characteristics like race, color, gender and disability. On the other hand, Civil rights include certain basic rights and freedoms like right to privacy, right to free speech, right to marry, right to vote and so on that are identified in the bill of rights.
This is the responsibility of every institutions of the national government to safeguard the rights of citizens, the United State Supreme Court holds the great power in decision making process and controlling civil rights and civil liberties in American government. Supreme Court has ruled on them in several occasions. According to the book ‘We the
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People often classify you based on your color, religion and gender. Profiling impacts on law enforcement decision because a law that is appropriate for one group of people may not be appropriate to other. So, the law enforcement committee might have to act in different way. For example, black mates are stereotyped to be engaged in drug deal, taking this consideration, if the law enforcement committee makes separate law for black mates, they might come up with different way of smuggling drugs. Yes, there are several potentialities of violating right to freedom, right to speech, and right to expression of thought. In Shelly V. Kraemer case (1948), the decision held that "racially restrictive covenants" in property deeds are unenforceable
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