The Importance Of Civil Society

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In today’s world, the construction of civil societies is a vital part of many societies. A civil society can be defined as the public space between a government and a private life. They allow people to debate ongoing issues without getting involved in the government. A civil society can range from non-government organizations, to journalists, to protesting citizens. Having civil societies is important because they give common people the ability to access political and state matters. However, governments often do not support constructing civil societies because they fear they will cause interference with state matters. Civil societies are essential for states intending to democratize, but the government usually tries to silence civil societies to secure political stability, economic stability, and social stability. Some governments even set rules against civic engagement by mandating that people get government approval before assembling, therefore allowing the government to dictate how meetings will take place. Non democratic countries are often afraid of the ideas of NGOs because of the idea of an uprising against rulers. Countries will try to minimize dissent so that their economical security will be secure. However, civil societies are a very important part of many countries, and constructing them is essential for a society to flourish. Jamaica is a small island country in the Caribbean that sits southeast of Cuba and west of the island of Hispaniola, which holds the
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