Essay On Social Status In America

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One of the may concerns regarding social status in todays society is the fact that lower class education is incomparable to that of a higher class education. As Americans, we are told that education can open many doors for us and we are able to be whatever we want when we grow up. Although society puts a lot of emphasis on schooling, the learning process for a lot of us begins in our own home. Our first words, first life views, first social interactions, are all usually completed with family members. In this article, Dr. Dana Suskind explains how much of an impact social class has on a childs language and development skills. I found this article interesting because of the way that she started her research. She is originally a surgeon who was responsible for giving children the ability to hear with cochlear implants. While doing this research, she noticed how much of a difference language was for kids who's parents talked to them more. She stated that the children who had…show more content…
I just don't think families who are in the lower classes should be held fully reposinble for how many words their children know. Articles like these don't take into account the fact that children from poor families don't have the luxury of having their parents be around all the time. America is at a place where both parents have to work and bring in a household income so that their family can survive. Poorer parents have less time and fewer resources to give ot their children, which can leave children to be less prepared for school, which then leads them to be less prepared for their future, leading to lower incomes. Recogonizing that there is a growing cycle going on here is the only way to go about alleviating the problem. Instead of putting an emphasis on a "word gap" prpblem, these higher up people should put an emphasis on a "opportunity problem" and word to fix that
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