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The author’s purpose of writing the text is to illustrate the significance of class in the society. The book focuses on issues such as class power and mobility in the American society. The book is a collection of narratives that looks at the lived experience of class in America. It contains forty essays from authors, which represents different classes, races, genders, ethnicities, occupations and ages across America. The contributors of the book describe their lived experiences, their increasing awareness of class and their position within the class system. The essays in the book form a strong narrative about the experiences of class and the significance of learning about class culture, classism and the connection between class, gender
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Class influences every aspect of our lives, from the educational resources we can access, opportunities available, the friends we make and the way we think. Class is relative in the framing of how we see others and how others see us. There are different ways of classifying class, for example according to occupation, power, values, consumption, culture or self-identification.
The book is an attempt to identify common themes in narratives about the lived experiences of the writes. The writers are from different races, ethnicities, cultures occupations, ages and orientations therefore representing different social classes in America. Despite these differences, the authors identify their awakening to the reality a bout class and their place in the system. The authors trace their experiences in their respective social classes and their understanding of the implication of class. The organization of the book into five class categories facilitates the development of a
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However, the class identity of an individual has a significant impact on every aspect of that individual. It is difficult to notice class differences especially in neighbourhoods with class segregation. People can grow up being wealthy or poor but they do not notice the differences in class because everyone around them belongs to the same class. Class awakening arises from the realization of the existence of s=different classes in the society. Class can be categorized according to an individual’s occupational status or according to the economic status off an individual. The Marxist perspective of class classified class according to control and ownership of h factors of production and the provision of

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