The Importance Of Class Participation In College Students

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According to the article, "Neither a Wallflower Nor a Paris Geller Be" (Rebecca Schuman, Slate Magazine, 14 Oct 14), in order to be a successful student, class participation is the key aspect of college students. Schuman explains that the class participation is not a competition. In fact, the purpose of class involvement is to experiment new idea, share thought and discuss the subject matter. Although some student may feel uncomfortable to participate, Schuman recommended that students should take part in the class. Moreover, Schuman shares her personal experience of teaching and dealing with different genres of the student. She hopes that her intended audience will learn a lesson about the importance of class participation. Her views are very instructive, truthful, and encouraging to all college students. Schuman 's article explains how a student know what makes good participation? how often student have to speak that makes the class great and participation grades take off? According to Schuman and some other professor, who have implemented same teaching processes such as engaging students in a small group presentation, interactive worksheets, and coerced participation found that class involvement helped students to overcome fear. Such activities encourage students to take part in class and establish a good participation. However, some professor didn 't care about a student 's class participation; as a result, some shy students left behind the course. As a teacher, Schuman

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