Pros And Cons Of Debates

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Finding a magnificent way of motivating students to engage in a classroom can channel student energy into a positive learning. Though, students may tend to get shy away from sharing their thoughts on the subject when topics are controversial or taboo. In the usual way into the debate, there are two teams that are presenting a resolution or topic that they will debate, where each team will be given a set period of time to prepare an argument. Actually, there are several formats for the debates. Also, rules will definitely vary from one competition to another. Debates can involve single-member teams or teams that include several students. Holding a classroom debate where students get to brainstorm ideas that some may be so overly passionate about a topic that they win over their point. Through structured debates, students may feel comfortable enough to speak about controversial topics and it does promote preparedness in defending or opposing particular stance on a topic. Typically, students don’t know their debate subjects ahead of time. And basically, the goal is to come up with a good argument in a short amount of time where students are encouraged to read about the facts or current events and controversial issues just to prepare beforehand. Debates require…show more content…
Sometimes, each team member speaks, and sometimes the team selects one member to speak for the entire team. Literally, emotions and biases may come out in a debate. The recent research based supporting information helps give context to those emotions and biases. It can foster critical thinking, especially if students argue the position which are opposite to their existing beliefs. Such emotions and biases may actually force the students to set aside by applying the “consider the opposite strategy” and can evaluate the evidence supporting both sides of a controversial
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