The Importance Of Classroom Management

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Undoubtedly, classroom management is essential for every teacher to increase pupils’ academic achievement in classroom. According to Emmer & Sabornie (2015), classroom management can be defined as the process by which teachers and schools shape and maintain appropriate behaviour of pupils in classroom settings. (as cited in Kratochwill, DeRoos and Blair, 2016) Therefore, it could be seen that classroom management is one of the most important aspects foe teacher to boost pupils’ performance and minimize pupils’ disruptive behaviour.
First, teachers, who are competent in classroom management skill, are able to enhance the quality of teaching and learning effectively. Generally, teachers who possess in-depth knowledge of classroom management are able to establish a suitable environment for pupils to optimize their learning process. According to Marzano (2003), the classroom management has been highlighted as the major variable that affects student achievement. (as cited in Manjula, 2015) A chaotic and disorganized classroom atmosphere is catastrophic for effective learning. From this, it might cause the problem of deficiency in instructional time and consequently affect the quality of teaching and learning process. Thus, classroom management is a beginning step for a teacher to make sure that his or her pupils are able to attain academic achievement. For instance, teacher who employs Assertive Discipline of Canter is able to tell pupils about his or her expectation on them at

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