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Self regulation is such an important life skill to teach students. Without the ability to self regulate, the student’s environment will continuously be chaotic, and they will have difficulties succeeding as they move forward in life. Although we are continually developing our self regulation skills, teaching students at an earlier age how to consider consequence of their actions, how to express their feeling appropriately, and how to develop healthy relationships with those around them will help foster stronger student success. In the video Classroom Observation, I observed children that managed to show optimal self regulation, along with students that really struggled to self regulate.
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In this situation, his ability to focus attention and resist impulses to reach the goal of active learning is not effective. When the teacher asked a question to the group of students, Zander jumped up to the front to answer rather than raising his hand and waiting for his turn. When he wasn’t being responded to by the teacher he realized he was not being effective in communicating and turned to sit down. On the way he became distracted by something on the counter and gave in to the impulse to check it out. Zander may have had trouble settling down to focus due to all of the noise and chaos in the class. He is having difficulty staying self regulated in his biological domain. He cannot remain calm and engaged amid the distracting visual and auditory stimuli around him. As the teacher asked the questions and the students raise their hands to answer, Zander’s nervous system up-regulated and got up to give his answer. When his actions are not responded to his nervous system down-regulated and he turned around to go sit back down. He then up-regulates again to see what is on the counter. He becomes distracted again as he turns in the direction of the crying baby. He goes back to what he was originally looking at until he is redirected by the teacher and down-regulates when he sits back down. When Zander first gets up the SNS is engaged. The PNS and SNS take turns with each distraction Zander is engaged in until he is redirected to sit
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