Client Orientation Management Case Study

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In achieve successful result in CRM projects should see it more than implementing an IT system. Good attitude to CRM can assist an organization to make coordination for effective preserving of customers and increase communication channels in order to provide a good business process of client-orientation.
Client-orientation management is a process and strategies that related to a customer in order to support by special facilities to increase customers loyalty and increase company’s profitability. Besides, CRM is consisting of three main sections, it is a customer, relationship and management. The meaning of customer is last consumer who has supporting role in value creating relationships. The meaning of relationship is creating more loyal
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CRM is in fact a process for attracting, preserving and increase the profitable and value creating of customers. The definitions of CRM also that can classify them in four categories with the titles of strategy, technology, process and information system. First the definitions of CRM is part of strategy of an organization for identifying and satisfying customers and changing them to regular customers. Second the definitions of CRM is a set of a system, processes, program and method that assist institutes and companies at effective and organized management of customer relationship. Third the definitions of CRM is a making and keeping personal relationship with profitable customers of organizations through proper use of IT and communications. Fourth the definitions of CRM as a process includes oversight customers, management and data evaluation and finally creating real excellence of extracted information at interaction with them. Five the definitions of CRM is a comprehensive strategy of business and marketing that integrates technology of processes and all business activities on customer. Next, the goals of CRM are to increase incomes including identification of new…show more content…
First, operational CRM. In this method all the steps of relationship with customers from marketing and sale step to services after sale and receiving feedback of a customer is delivered to a person. In this method also as a way that sellers and engineers of presenting services enable to access records of each customers without referring to this person. Tools and methods of operational CRM are mechanized sale power system that undertakes all operations related to contact management exchange and management of sale department. In operational CRM section also includes 3 public section of business that is automatizing operation of sale section (SFA), customer supporting and serving (CSS) and automatizing marketing operation (EMA). In marketing section provides information about competitors, market tendency and environmental total variables. In sale management section automatizes some of sale process and company’s sale management. Operational CRM section also will collects and fallows the information related to the habits of shopping, taste and demography of customers and efficiency of staff of sale section. Customer service section is the agent of automatizing some services such as demanding information, complaints and some referent products. Second, analytic CRM. In analytic CRM tools and methods are used that analyses obtained information from operational CRM and prepare its result for management of business performance. In fact
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