The Importance Of Climate Change

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Climate change is a worldwide issue that has been raised for decades but which is yet often relegated to a position of secondary importance, perhaps as it lacks of visibility in the eyes of the public. However, the attention given to the politics of climate change has been increasing over time, as the consequences of decades of inaction are about to be experienced. Nevertheless, for many, politicians and the media have failed to illustrate concretely the importance of addressing climate change. It is not the case of numerous novels, films and plays, as well as photographs and other art forms that have aimed to depict global warming. This cultural approach of the politics of climate change appears to help people to better understand what ‘climate change’ refers to and why it needs to be taken into account from now on. To analyse how this occurs, this essay is divided in three parts. The first part aims to demonstrate how films, photographs, art, novels and other cultural texts aim to inform, denounce and give a visual representation of the issue. The second part analyses how many, although not all, adopt dramatic plotlines that seem to be playing with the public’s fear. In a third part, it will be argued that cinema, novels and other cultural text are not as efficient as traditional media in helping us understand the politics of climate change, especially because for many they disconnect the issue of climate change from reality.

Environment and climate change have become
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