Climate Change: The Phenomenon Of Global Warming

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The term climate change (or simply global warming) it refers to the phenomenon of general increase in the earth's temperature, referring in particular to the waters of the oceans and the atmosphere surrounding the planet. If it is true that, partially, global warming is naturally determined by the sun's rays, it is also true that human activity has a major and negative influence on this phenomenon. Pollution, carbon dioxide produced by combustion, ground-effect gases, deforestation interventions, intensive and unsustainable agricultural activities are all elements linked to human action, which greatly contributes to raising the temperature of the planet. Over the course of a little more than a century, from the end of the twentieth century…show more content…
One type of business that will be affected is the businesses that rely on water, for example, the companies that do commercial shipping. For instance, the largest port in the U.S.A., the Port of South Louisiana, which lies on the south of the Mississippi River and from this port 60% of the Midwest’s grain exports are processed. The problem is that droughts and extreme heat keeps on damaging this area, and the states that have been using this port to export their goods will not have easy access to the port and this port’s business will take a hit, because shipping companies will have less demand for the services that they provide, and so the profits will drop as the demands diminishes. Climate change and the north pole ice cap melting is predicted to be good for the marmite industry since new routes will open up and this is predicted to happen by mid-century. The reason that the opening of these routes Fare favorable to the marmite industry is that the Arctic is considered a faster and more direct route between eastern North America and Asia and ports in Europe. Currently, there is very little cargo going through this area, but it is predicted the over the next decade, especially since Russia plans on developing oil and gas fields in Siberia. Since the routes in the Arctic area will become more direct, the travel time could reduce to less than three weeks in some cases, the factor can potentially make Arctic routes more desirable than the southern ones in the coming decades. The impact that global warming will have on the maritime industry has two sides, a good one a bad one, but I what we cannot be sure of is that which one will outweigh the

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