The Importance Of Climate Change On Earth

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Climate Change: There are a number of global problems happening for example terrorism, spread of infectious diseases, poverty, economic crisis, proliferation of nuclear weapons, and increase in armed conflict but none of these problems is much bigger than climate change. I have a strong conviction that Climate Change is a major global problem that possesses the greatest threat to human existence on earth and thus we need to pay a lot attention to this climate change in every part of the world because it is already happening and our weather is in turmoil not by natural events but mainly mankind’s activities. Over most of Earth’s history, natural processes have been responsible for periods of climate change. The Earth 's climate has changed throughout its history long before human activity could have played a…show more content…
Forests and the amazon need to be protected while combating deforestation and restoring degraded land to reduce emissions in the atmosphere. Protecting forests and the amazon all is the most suitable solution in addressing climate change. Forests are the earth’s lungs and around the world, forest ecosystems both trees and soil play a crucial role to eliminating significant amounts of greenhouse gasses and carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere that cause climate change. The United Nations Climate Summit held on 23rd September, 2014 highlighted the need to protect forests and the services they offer which are crucial to sustainable development and human well-being. The summit also emphasized the need to restore degraded forests and other lands of about 2 hectares all around the globe and take action to combat deforestation. It should be noted that protecting forests, amazon areas, combating deforestation and planting more trees will surely contribute to economic growth, poverty reduction and greater food security as well as help communities including different animal species adapt to climate change and secure the rights and livelihoods of indigenous

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