The Importance Of Climate Change

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Climate change is not only about science but also about politics and ethics We live in the era when climate change has become a vital issue, a literally vital issue. A lot of creatures and living substances are dying because of the climate change, the landscapes change, burying under water whole islands. This is just a little part of what climate change does to the world we live in. On the first glance it seems obvious that everybody should be worried about the climate change, also because it affects our lives and our health and even because there is nowhere to run away from the planet. But this is not always the case, not everybody cares about it. It takes much more than just an individual’s sympathy or understanding of what the climate change is to not let it ‘operate’ so fast. Science shows that there are problems with the climate change, but science on its own cannot prevent it. It also depends on us. There are many factors that influence what is done in the name of climate change. These factors vary from local governments to whole cultures, from ethics to politics, from an individual’s opinion to an opinion of the whole nation. It varies from local to global. While most decisions, concerning preventing or hindering climate change seem to be taken on the global level, it still depends greatly on how many countries/ people/ individuals will follow the guidelines that hinder the climate change. First of all, according to Arrow et al (1996), there are national differences

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