The Importance Of Clinical Practice Guideline

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Clinical practice guideline having much importance to improve the patient care outcomes and safety from complications. Nurses role as health care provider, depend on multi-disciplinary knowledge and experience to use of clinical practice guidelines to promote their nursing practices. Nursing staff adherence to clinical practices guidelines is help in improving patient safety in hospital. The purpose of this study is exploring the factors that promotes and inhibit adherence to clinical practices. This research based on systematic literature review and quantitative evaluation of research results. In this study, population is comprised of registered nurses who are working in Jinnah hospital
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These are two potential of nurses one is misconduct when guidelines are not adhered to and second is the factors that might promote or inhibit guideline adherence among nurses. (Davies, Edwards, Ploeg, & Virani, 2008) According to Ismaile Samantha (2014), there are similar and different promoter and barriers to adherence with clinical Practice guidelines. The two main factors that impact to adherence with clinical practice guidelines among nurses, one is environmental factors that are patient, organization, standard guidelines, and second is personal factors which included knowledge, attitude, and skills, intention. The primary promoters for adherence to clinical practice guidelines among clinicians ( Nurses) that can be helpful to utilizing the evidence base clinical practice guideline are focused on standardized patient care, optimize outcomes of patient care, clinicians are familiar with guidelines according to habit and routine, and guidelines are readily accessible and easy to utilize.(Keiffer,…show more content…
(Eddy, 1990).
Clinical practice guidelines are used to enhance the quality of care delivery and to promote patient safety through evidence-based practice. (Harrison, Légaré, Graham, & Fervers, 2010)
Clinical Practice Guidelines Promoters
Any factor that promotes encourages or helps complete nursing adherence to Clinical Practice Guidelines. (Ismaile, 2014)

Clinical Practice Guidelines Barriers Any factor that inhibits or restricts complete adherence to Clinical Practice Guidelines by, nurses and allied health professionals. (Ismaile, 2014)
Registered Nurse (RN)
A nurse who is registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council and who holds an active Personal Identification Number. The Nursing and midwifery council is a nursing organization which was set up by parliament to protect the public by ensuring that their health and well-being is maintained. The NMC releases a PIN card which has a Personal Identification Number to its members every year after nurses renew their membership or when they register with the professional body (Buchan, O 'may, & Dussault,

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