Clinical Psychology Take Home Assignment Analysis

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PSYC442 Clinical Psychology Take-Home Assignment
Question 1
Early years of clinical psychology, it was a part of various areas such as medicine, sociology or education, so clinical psychologists worked together with the other areas which consist of treatment, teaching and relational subjects (Pomerantz, 2014). Recently, clinical psychology is a one of the wide field of the psychology that specifically works with the people who have a psychological difficulties or disorders which covers the feelings, actions or intelligence (American Psychological Association, 2016). In terms of psychiatry, it is a branch of medicine provides health care services and the best suitable treatment option for the patient who have a mental disorders (American Psychiatric
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Thus, there is no consensus about the treatment methods as while some of the research found that psychotherapy treat the symptoms, some findings illustrate that psychotherapy increase the severity of the disorder. According to Pomerantz (2014), clinical psychologists’ psychotherapy demonstrates a beneficial impact and prolong effect on the patients. However, Rehagen (2016) stated that drug therapy is much more rapid and helpful way than psychotherapy. To illustrate, to treat the physical symptoms of depression like appetite or sleep, urgently these symptoms should be treated by the psychiatrists. Then, the psychotherapy should follow the drug treatment. Consequently, using the both treatment methods is more effective than without getting help and both therapies are efficient together as…show more content…
In the same way, both psychology and philosophy interested in the human mind and thinking and how these thinks shape the human behavior or belief. Some of the philosophical approaches are used in clinical areas like mindfulness (Buddhist Philosophy) or fundamentalism in order to understand the patients better and provide them benefits. Take mindfulness; for example, Solhaug et al. (2016) clarified that mindfulness method raises the peoples’ awareness to detect their psychological problems or recognition of their self. This method is appropriate for the clinical psychology as a treatment way to help the patients to solve their self-conflict by recognizing their emotions, needs or problems. To put it briefly, philosophy provides lots of ideas which contribute the clinical psychology to test it and apply the

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