The Importance Of Cloning In Jurassic Park

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Cloning is a scientific practice that has is still undergoing plenty of research and is under scrutiny by a majority of the public. It is a topic that is shrouded in mystery and questions of ethical or moral concern, especially when the subject involves humans. Human cloning is viewed by a majority of the religious population as being an act of evil. This is because these people believe that only a higher being, God, has the right to give and take a human’s life. The controversy surrounding cloning could also extend to other creatures, such as dinosaurs. Dinosaurs have been extinct for over 65 million years, so it is not possible to find one in the wild today. However, it might very well be possible to create and clone a dinosaur from other substances or creatures that were present when dinosaurs were alive. The film Jurassic Park explores this idea of breeding and cloning dinosaurs by repairing their DNA and bringing them into the current century. The purpose of this essay is to delve into the many scientific aspects of the film Jurassic Park and discuss how these elements made the movie such a success. The first and most important scientific topic that is presented in Jurassic Park is the explanation of dinosaur and frog DNA. This topic is vital in the film to explain how the cloning process of the dinosaurs was initiated and it is the basis of the plot. The explanation in the film explains that the frog DNA simply completes the strands and gaps that are found

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