The Importance Of Co-Culture

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Everyone belongs to a co-culture whether we recognize it or not. The co-culture I belong to is the St. Mary’s Springs Academy culture. It is a rather large co-culture, but to me this is probably the best fit for me. Not everyone can say that they attended a private school kindergarten through 12th grade, where as I can. Throughout the years at Springs, the class of 2015 has developed a close bond. The bond that was created was solidified our freshman year when students from our feeder schools finally were apart of the academy family. It is amazing to have support system of 50 other students, that are there for your athletics, theatrical performances, and even concerts. For me, those 50 students were there for my toughest time in high school,…show more content…
I can assure you that everyone in that retreat room cried at least twice. We learned so much about each other that even after 12 years of schooling we never even knew. My best friend suffers from severe depression and contemplated suicided 4 times, and attempted once. As her best friend, how did I not know this? We told our deepest secrets, and we even apologized for 2 hours on things that we have done to each other. We learned that even if you look like you have it all going for you, most of the time there is something deep within someone that others don’t know. I didn’t know that our Student Council president who graduated with a 4.0 who was also our star football player, star hockey player, and even state champion in two sports, football and track, still feels that his father isn’t proud of him. It 's depressing that we waited almost 12 years to find out each other 's hardships, at that point it was too late to fully help each other out. With all of the time I spent in school, attending class, co-curricular events, and even volunteering with my peers. I am proud to say that I am a St. Mary’s Springs Academy alumnus. I will also have that support system no matter where life
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