Coach Spurlin's Influence On My Life

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Coach Spurlin really helped influence my life. He taught me how to be mature and take things serious. Coach showed me a new perspective in life and showed me I can accomplish many things. He stepped in as a father figure for me when I needed it. I also learned from him that hard work is the root to success. Coach really made me the man I am today. I take things more serious now than I did in the past thanks to the many talks coach gave me. He showed me how to manage my time and set a schedule so I could get things done. I also learned from him to know my priorities and set goals to accomplish all I could. Coach also showed me how to care for others and set time apart to help them. Thanks to all those skills and lessons, I learned I became more mature and more of a man.…show more content…
He became a father figure to me since my mom was the only one raising me. Coach gave me a ton of advice that really helped me. One of the things I learned from him is that guys should be patient and understanding with other people. He also taught me how to gentle and caring. I learned how to control myself and make the most of what I had. Coach really filled in big in my life and he became the best father figure anyone could ask for. I learned that life can be very complicated but no matter how many times it knocks you down you can always get up and accomplish a lot. Before coach I didn’t really think I could go to college but thanks to him my mind set changed. He taught me that I can accomplish anything I set my mind on and more. Coach Spurlin also brought religion into my life which helped me in a lot of serious though situations. He really showed me a lot of new perspectives in life and opened my eyes to everything I can
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