The Importance Of Coaching: Benefits Business Success

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1. Individual Essay 1
Reflecting on what it was discussed during the classroom and on relevant literature, describe how you believe coaching benefits business success (600 words).

Coaching is one of the best practices which can provide a lot of benefits for organization and companies. Is a very effective tool, which provide to all employees get the best performance out of themselves. Coaching in companies and leadership setting is also an effective tool for developing people across a wide range of needs.
The key of a good coaching relationship and for the best results is trust. An employee needs to believe and trust the coach during the coaching session and must be a level of confidentiality to what is discussed and trust in individual or
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Improving and developing skills can be extremely beneficial for the companies. Knowing that the coach is there for you to help to achieve your goals is an important part of coaching process. These skills can be communication, trust, handle conflict management and team building. Moreover, the coach helps the coaches analyze the feedback leading to increased awareness over actions and behaviors. The coach guides the subject thought the data to uncover strengths and areas for development. Coaching can encourage a positive attitude to learning and flexibility in the learning…show more content…
The upper level of managers and directors must be understood the benefits and results of coaching people. If senior managers see the benefits of a coaching culture for themselves, then this enthusiasm will engaged them to coaching their direct reports. Managers can do this formally, by scheduling monthly coaching sessions. Or, this can happen informally, given to their direct reports feedback, help them set and achieving goals.
Human Resources department has to prepare a detailed and carefully preparation to be successful and select carefully the diverse team of external coaches or internal coaches who have credibility, culture awareness, emotional intelligence and a wide range of experience. External coaches support the internal team of coaches to improve both personal and organizational performance. By training internal leaders/managers to coaches can create a collaborative leadership teams and achieving personal career and leadership goals.
Announcement to all employees must be prepared to understand the benefits and the results, which people can get from coaching. Including the names of the coaches, the coaching responsibilities and the important of his/her role. During the coaching sessions, real cases and success stories must be presented to be more successfully the training

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