The Importance Of Coaching Cheerleading

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I am a firm believer that strong leaders can either make or break an athlete’s career. Talented mentors have the rare ability to transform a stubborn and/or tired mind to one reborn with the hunger to continue. It is an amazing feat when thought about; how could one person make such a mammoth impact that he/she could completely change someone’s thoughts? Coaching cheerleading was one of the most demanding positions I have voluntarily placed myself into, not because I believed I lacked the expertise to effectively instruct, but because I placed pressure on myself to do well; however, this was a different form of it. It was not the stress that compels me to study so I could earn an “A” on a Calculus test or intensely practice to perform a flawless routine at halftime. On the …show more content…

Due to this unique trait, I received immediate feedback about what I was cultivating in these young minds.They were eager to learn more and would scream-and I mean scream-when taught something new. They returned in the spring with the same, if not a heightened, enthusiasm to keep cheering. Isabella, one of the most lively young girls I have ever met, told me that it was “a sad day I left [when the season ended]” and whispered to a new cheerleader “She[me] is the best.” as I was introducing myself to her. Emily, a girl with such a bubbly and outgoing personality, was eager for me to see her newly improved cartwheel she had been working on for months. It was a humbling feeling to know that I was able to make such an impact that they were counting down the days to when they could see me again. My entire athletic identity has been formed by strong leaders and their omnipresence in my life is what made my decision to begin coaching the best one I’ve ever made. Wow, is it already six o’clock? Time to coach! [Katie impatiently leaves to go find her cheerleading

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