The Importance Of Coaching In The Workplace

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Coaching is the process of equipping an employee like James with the tools, knowledge, and opportunities that are necessary for them to become better in handling their assigned responsibilities at the workplace. In most organizations, coaching has been identified as a key player in the process of leadership and management. In most cases, coaching is concerned with the growth of the employee, personal and professional development of the employee, the removal of roadblocks that interfere with the performance of the employee while encouraging the employee to be creative (Aguinis, 2013). During the coaching process, the employee is encouraged to make use of his knowledge and experience to create and develop his own personal best practices, connections,…show more content…
Today 's work environment requires rapid responses and creativity as well as the resilience of all employees. It is also very critical for organizations like Jeffries, Smith, and West to be able to retain its top talent and this can be done through coaching. When employees are coached, they exhibit more commitment and improved performance at the workplace. There are several coaching styles that can be used in the workplace with each being applicable in different scenarios. The personality and behavioral preference of the coach will affect the type of coaching style they will choose to use in the coaching process and it could either make or break the coaching relationship (Parsloe et al, 2016). There are four coaching styles that I can choose to use in the case with James namely driver, analyzers, amiable…show more content…
These coaching styles will also allow me to build rapport with James while making it easy for him to trust me as his new manager. The style sill also allows me to be able to focus on what issues James could be having that could be affecting his performance in the workplace. James also has a reputation of playing hard and now working hard at the workplace as would be expected of him and the use of the amiable coaching style will also help him learn how to care for the business and their colleagues. While using the style I will be able to help James find a way of prioritizing his relationships and responsibilities at work. The focus on relationships will help James become a better team player and collaborate better with the rest of the team members (Starr, 2017). The amiable coaching style will also help James to become more engaged with his work and stop being bored. I will also be able to guide James on how to handle the responsibilities that are allocated to him in a way that he feels is the right way. James will also learn the importance of taking their responsibilities seriously while being confident with the suggestions he will be making at the workplace. If James is able to build relationships with his colleagues then he will not get bored or
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