The Importance Of Coal In The United States

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Right now, coal seems to be dying out, but in all honesty, no I don 't think coal will die anytime soon. I have that opinion because it is the most powerful and most important source of energy. According to "The Week" in 2014, "coal remains very much alive in the developing world". Another reason I don 't think coal will die is because it is the source to electricity, almost all of U.S. uses electricity. Coal- fired plants are the main source of the electricity consumed in the United States.
"The average American uses 18 pounds of fossilized plant matter a day to light up his or her homes". (The Week, 2014)
My prediction to how electricity will be in fifty years from now is by coal. I believe that it will still be coal because it became popular in the 18th century, so I
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There are some issues that might make others feel otherwise is the fact that coal-mining jobs are disappearing and how it 's very toxic to the environment. Even with those odds, I still believe that coal is here to stay. Is "clean" coal a thing? According to"The Week" in 2014, scientists have found a way to burn coal without hurting the atmosphere. But, the idea of clean coal is depending on a power plant in Mississippi. My opinion is that yes, I think that clean coal is possible if people and scientists don 't give up. What I mean by that is if they keep trying to find a way to stop polluting the environment, then they will be
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