The Importance Of Code Of Ethics In Software Engineering

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Code of Ethics are very important in software engineering, a study that contains nearly infinite possibilities. While software engineering can enable life-changing and revolutionary innovations, it also has the power to create malicious products that can harm people unlike any technology before it. Sometimes the lines can be blurred between good and bad intentioned software, but a defined Code of Ethics attempts to provide guidelines for the field. When I am faced with an ethical situation, there are several things I do when making a decision. After recognizing the ethical situation exists, I consider what the main cause of the ethical dilemma is. This can be compared to the 5 P’s of ethics, or similar lists of causes. Software engineering is a broad field, and not all ethical situations can be narrowed down to a single factor either. When making my decision, I consider which of the possible outcomes to the situation harm people the least. I believe this is the most important factor of software. I also consider whether the software is operating honestly with the user. It can be very easy to create badware that takes advantage of unsuspecting users of the application, such as collecting their data without their consent, or advertising to them discreetly as an ulterior motive. To help make a decision of which situation outcome is most ethical, I reflect on several values of ethics. I want my decision to reflect my integrity as a software engineer. I want the choice I make to

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