The Importance Of Code Switching In Formal Speech

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Code switching is a switch in the way you speak or the language you speak, Sometimes codes switching is formal or in formal speech. Code switching is something you do around your friends, family, school, and work. It is something very important because it helps with every conversation you may have at school, home or work. Schools make this a requirement to code switch because it helps to improve your communication with others, which is good for a future job interview and speaking with law enforcements.
I feel like school made this a requirement for everybody because it helps to know when to speak properly and when you’re talking to friends. Students are required to code switch at school because when you aren’t in school who needs to be able to navigate the way you speak to certain people. I catch myself a lot when speaking to a teacher or my manager. There seems to be a different tone when I speak to them, but when I’m with my friends, I speak so calmly with no hesitation to say anything dumb to them. When I’m speaking in Spanish to my family, I sort of talk to them in English and then Spanish, because its just natural to me. But when I’m at work where most of the employees are Spanish speaker, I’d occasionally go from English to Spanish and I notice that when they ask to repeat
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When having a visitor in our group or someone we don’t see much. We kind of watch the way we talk because we wont know how they would react to the way we speak to each other because its our own way of talking. For example I have two sets of friends that I talk to, one set of friends I talk to them how ever I want but the other set of friends I have; I have to watch the way I use some words that I wouldn’t regularly use with them, like I have to explain my self about what my message
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