The Importance Of Coed Sports

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Imagine finally having the sport you are most passionate about available for you to participate in, yet not being able to compete in it simply because you are not of the correct gender. Nowadays, this is a fairly common issue. Whether it is because of both gender differences or due to the common belief that “boys are stronger than girls”, coeducation exercise is not exceedingly popular. Although many people believe males are stronger than females and think that coed sports are unfair, this type of athletics can benefit all athletes in multiple ways because it will allow both genders to work together more efficiently, allow the participants and sponsors to pay less, and help create connections with others that would not originally be made.
Some will say that coed sports are not constructive when it comes to males and females working together; however, this is not true because it allows both genders to work together more efficiently. In a 2015 article, “Pros and Cons of Co-Ed games and mixed team sports,” Etienne explains that, “Players behave more responsibly when they play with or against the opposite sex. Most Co-ed leagues are recreational and it obliges stronger players to be less aggressive than when playing with players of the same sex.” Therefore, combining sexes is crucial. It is important to know how to be responsible and fairly aggressive without causing harm. This is important because providing combined teams will assist participants with learning and achieving
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