The Importance Of Coherence In Writing

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1.1 Introduction Nowadays, in the age of economic and cultural globalization, translation is a prerequisite activity. "Translation is everywhere around us without even realizing it. Translated texts are in people's life such as their homes, offices or supermarkets"(Macháčová, 2013). Thus, it can be said that without translation, our life is full of difficulties, because of using a mobile phone, or turning on a washing machine or reading a book written by a foreign author. Schäffner (2000) claims that “Translation as an activity leading to a product has a tradition reaching far back to the beginnings of recorded history and beyond that the oral tradition. It has always been essential for trading and also a fundamental component of classical education”. (P. VII)…show more content…
There is more time to think, to reflect, to prepare, to rehearse, to make mistakes and to find alternative and better solutions” (p. 192). Among the many tasks facing a writer, one of the most important factors in writing logically is coherence. Coherence in writing is the "logical glue" that allows readers to move easily and clearly from one idea to the next. Writing coherent is much more difficult than speeching coherent simply because writers have no nonverbal clues to inform them if their message is clear or not. Therefore, good writers should know how to link sentences together in a logical and organized way. Coherence and organization in writing are two crucial factors to achieve a comprehensible writing and it can be achieved by using a good writer's knowledge of vocabulary and grammar. The same idea can be applied to the translation process because both writing and translating require good knowledge of vocabulary, spelling, punctuation, grammar, etc. and give students more time to prepare, express their ideas and eliminate so the mistakes ( in contrast to speaking) either in their mother tongue or in the foreign
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