The Importance Of College Career In College

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The famous question of what a person sees himself or herself doing in 5 or 10 years has been asked to me several times. I have always answered with a similar answer: in college, pursuing my dream job. My answer is obviously a very common with one, as most people aspire towards going to college and working with something they like. However, I do not know what I will be coursing in college, I just know that I want to do it. There are several things that can help me decide both my profession and the type of college I want in order to become a better professional, such as making goals, talking to other people that have already gone through this phase, and reading about the different colleges I can choose from. People tell me to associate my interests to careers that match them, but there are too many options. For example, I really like sports. That is a very broad and general interest, and there are thousands of careers related to sports to choose from. I really like to help, and do something good for other people, so maybe working for an institution or medical center would be something I would enjoy. Being in college is part of my answer because I want to be experienced and know a lot about my future career to succeed. College will probably be the source of knowledge I will need to be a better professional. My prediction will probably come true, as I have good grades, so college is a very big possibility. The faulty part of my answer is the dream job, which becomes harder and
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