The Importance Of College Degrees And Education

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Do college degrees and education open a guaranteed path for a triumph in life? College degrees and educations are not essential to be successful in life whether it 's being financially safe or finding your passion. Additionally, degrees and educations won’t guarantee your path for a better welfare. The first reason to back this thesis statement is student debts that were piled up because of strive for college education will often create financial burdens and have less experience on financial independence. Second, many college graduates show high rates of unemployment or underemployment. A Final reason, many successful people like Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs found their passions without college degrees. Point being, it’s not important to have college degrees to find passions in life and be successful.
To begin with, student debts that were accumulated throughout your college years will lead to life-leading trouble or exceedingly small amount of experience in financial. As a result, student debt is only getting expensive as tuitions increased 163% over three decades. “...student debt in America has skyrocketed to more than $1 trillion ”(Roy, “The challenge of college affordability”), what is being depicted from the quote is America’s top agenda that need an immediate solution. In the long run, $1 trillion dollars of student debt will eventually affect the indebted students with the loss of $4 trillion dollars throughout America. “Student debt has grown so large that it

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