Minimum Student Performance In High School

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Intro My brother, being a ninth grader at the high school, is constantly reminded of the importance of college and his performance in high school. I want to start looking into colleges but i don’t know where to start. The thought of getting left behind in society because I didn’t look for a college is nerve racking, but I already knew some things. I knew that your performance in high school helps with your college, but that’s about it. I still had a lot to learn before I can decide on a college Some things I hoped to learn throughout this project is how I can get into a college with minimum student loan, what colleges I’m interested in, what colleges are looking for, is studying abroad better than staying in the states, and what classes I should take in college. The…show more content…
I hope that all my new information can help me in the future. The research that I did throughout my project were listed into 3 different major categories and several different smaller categories. The three major categories have the titles of college research, questions about law and lawyering, and questions about college. The first category, college research, is where a large majority of the cards went. The category consists mainly of questions about the quality of the college and the place they are in. One quote from a reporter states that “Harvard is a nice and suitable college for the young scholars, but you have to have some way of paying for it!”(unnamed reporter). The reports also stated how some colleges provide good education but are in a bad area and shouldn’t risk going there. The second category, questions about law and lawyering, is my smallest category. This category is questions about how I can become a lawyer, what classes I need to take, etc… Multiple professors were commenting about law saying it was a “good paying job” and “necessary for the
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