Personal Narrative: A Career In College Football

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Since I can remember, my mind has been consumed and controlled by one thing and one thing only, football. Football has driven me to not only work hard to achieve my goals, but has made me become a better person, athlete, and teammate. Starting way before kindergarten, I played in a Little Tykes League where I learned the ins and outs of football. From the first game in LTL, I dreamt of playing college football and I was going to do whatever it took to achieve that goal. Although of course the game wasn’t as intricate at that age and the pads weren’t as heavy, I knew I was apart of something greater and I wanted to never quit doing it. I did everything I could to improve my skills, I started watching NFL and college football with my dad and…show more content…
I had reached high school football which in Texas is almost equivalent to college football believe it or not, football is almost like a religion. Coming from middle school, I knew I was the star linebacker, but high school football is as serious as a heart attack, so I knew my focus had to be on football entirely, and yeah grades of course too. After weeks of two-a-days in the hot, Texas, August heat, I made varsity my freshman year. While I was extremely relieved because this was an incredible accomplishment, my goal still wasn’t within reach and being a freshman on varsity put an enormous amount of pressure on my back, therefore, my work was far from over. My new temporary short-term goal however was to keep my starting position on varsity for the next four years. I was determined to watch as much film, lift as many weights, complete as many reps and overall work harder than any other player on the team to not only prove to myself I deserved this but also to the coaches that put faith into me and our fans as well. I prepared my mind, body and spirit for every practice and game to ensure that I was at my very best level of play every time I put on my pads and uniform. Nevertheless, there was still one thing I wasn’t and hadn’t prepared
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