The Importance Of Colonialism In Fashion

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Actually, colonizers unconsciously form a certain messages to reconstruct the way of life in colonized countries. We can added some examples of Moroccan fashion schools, such as the Casa Moda Academy started from 2010, and it is the most celebrated and adventurous fashion school on the African continent. Its objective is to prepare students to help the Moroccan textile industry, make the investable shift from subcontracting to developing them to be ready to sell collection for western fashion brands. In addition to the institute de Stylisme ET Modelisme (ISM) which focuses on creativity and innovation. Those schools had opened to train students to produce ateliers that is why the majority were designing European fashion because the few schools…show more content…
Traditions are the history and culture of a nation; it is what present the identity of a citizen and his culture. In Morocco, traditional costume had characterized by simplicity and respect. People lives are differ from each other but one style or type of clothing puts them in one united community and shared one culture. Unfortunately colonialism had threatened those traditions, it developed the population’s style by spread their ideologies. Colonialism appears new ideas of orientalism and imperialism, which have clearly seen in non- western societies such as the imitation of foreigners in their ways of dressing. Fashion is creating a complete new atmosphere with new collections that are loosely inspired by and taken from fashion history, art, or exotic cultures. The foreign influence by western fashion the more the local costume developed, it is a fact that Moroccan designers reinvent their production but with the touch of European fashion. Toby Slade in his book ‘on Japanese fashion’ discusses Eurocentric models of modernity. He explains the relationship between modernity and unchallenging sources of authority, whether political, religious or scholastic. He calls for alternative and progress of modernity as a scale for expresses of cultures and identities. He adds that to authenticate the idea of…show more content…
Globalization helps in invasion of minds and thoughts this revolution leads to share, that non-western countries are less effective to create and produce a new style and collections. It is important to note that European fashion is interesting to have introduced in non-western countries to learn from its historic. Mrs. Angela Jansen and Mrs. Jenifer Craik are critical thinkers of modern fashion traditions. They presented an overview about Euro and ethnocentricity in fashion discourse. The revolution of modern fashion tradition has its aims to show the important contribution of non-western fashion in historical and socio-cultural development of the world. One of the objectives of the volume is the idea that successful fashion is outside Europe and North America, but for the rest of the world they are just a recent phenomenon of globalization and imitation. Jansen in her book, ”Modern Fashion Traditions” concerned the development of three areas over the Crouse of a century; focusing on the cultural, social, economic changes that shift the way in which fashion production has received. The first generation of fashion designers, working in the 1960-80s including Zhor Sebti, Tamy Tazi and Naima Bennis, emerged from a class of Moroccan designers who lead the revolution of Moroccan fashion. Those designers want to show that woman can be Moroccan

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