The Importance Of Colonialism In Society

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A historicist probe can discover a strong foothold of political background, mostly the belligerence of relationship between the colonizers and the colonized on the basis of racial, religious, linguistic and above all, psychological wavering. Friendship that has been portrayed between Aziz and Fielding is not durable. It is rather full of limitations which stand between them and finally cause a breach. Mrs. Moore 's affectionate attitude towards Aziz is soon disillusioned by her incapability of maintaining hegemonic prejudice. Adela 's hysteria in the caves is the outcome of her rooted belief that the orientals have no civilization, no history and no loyalty. Though these English women seem to embrace the heart of India, they pathetically fail because of the negative construction of the image of the subcontinent. In fact, they have helplessly knocked at the shell of colonial image but in vain. They have also failed to match the acute colonial awareness of Ronny who knows that they are here only to rule, not to love. He believes only in exercising power, coercion and persuasion. Persuasion, despite widespread enforcement, is more effective than coercion. The response of the colonized to the colonizers ' hegemony paves the ground of the relationship between them. Very often natives absorb colonial hegemony automatically through a mistaken belief that it was of their own. They had surrendered themselves to foreign rule through cultural

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