The Importance Of Colonialism In The Guest By Albert Camus

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Human beings repress their freedom of choice, the right to determine one’s own action, by accepting restrictions over their free wills. However, the act of making a choice is the most important thing for a human being. Human beings can give meaning to their life through self-determination, the ability to make one’s own decision without the influence from outside. Most people believe that they have a freedom of choice but, in fact, their freedom is restricted by a myriad of factors. One of these factors is the restriction of people’s nature of freedom by cruel authorities through the idea of colonialism. As an enemy of freedom, colonialism determines the decisions and fate of people and forces them to repress their own freedom. To investigate in what way people repress their freedom within a colonial context, we can turn to Albert Camus’s story “The Guest”. Repressing one’s own free choice under the influence of colonialism, can lead to forfeiting his/her freedom since not being able to express one’s true conviction renders his/her morality and self-determination, which is illustrated by Albert Camus’s story “The Guest”. The tension between Arab culture and the French authority as a result of colonialism is palpable in Camus’s story. The story takes place during the Algerian war, which began in 1954. During that time, Algerians were under the French domination and Algeria was inhabited by a substantial number of French citizens. The native Algerians’ democratic rights

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