The Importance Of Color In Advertising

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One might not realize how much of an impact colors have on us on a daily basis. Nature is one of the best examples where the effects of color are constantly used. In evolutionary biology, certain species can mimic other models, to protect themselves, by having evolved in a way to mimic their appearance, behavior, sound, scent or location. The point is to appear like a dangerous species, when in fact they are not. The species live in the same areas as their model so it is almost impossible to distinguish them from one another. By mimicking the specific warning colors, these animals are protected by predators, which shows that even in nature, colors play an important role.
With this knowledge, the psychology behind such
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For instance Andrew Elliot, a professor of psychology at the University of Rochester published a new study in 2011, declaring that the color red helps enhance physical reactions and suggests that people react faster and more forcefully when exposed to the color red. Information as such can make people more aware of their daily surroundings and how this might be exposed in advertising, which is why this topic is interesting to investigate especially how easily we can be…show more content…
There is an entire other opinion out there making this a very controversial topic with many discussions and arguments disagreeing with one another. “Most of today’s conversations on colors and persuasion consist of hunches, anecdotal evidence and advertisers blowing smoke about colors and the mind.” As it often is in psychology, this topic is backed up with very little scientific data which gives results used as facts, and there are often other elements which question research and the reliability of their “facts.” This is because there are many other elements such as personal experience, cultural differences, upbringing, etc. which could cause different effects of colors in individuals. Therefor, many argue that all the information about each color having a specific effect on the audience is not accurate. Nevertheless, it is known that when it comes to colors used in branding and marketing, it does have an impact. In a study called “Impact of Color in Marketing” researches found that up to 90% of quick decisions made about products can be based on color
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