Essay On Green Color

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Readability In general colors are read far better if they are on highly-contrasting background (for example, black on white, or green on red). Advertising will be efficient only if people could swiftly and easily understand what it is about. It goes the same for product packaging or for corporate website. This is why it is necessary to make sure that colors of text and background complement each other, but still remain contrast. It is convenient to find contrast colors using color wheel: Sir Isaak Newton was the first to discover that white color contains the entire spectrum of colors. That was creation of the first color wheel in the history. This experiment initiated studies of color components and their effect on human and they…show more content…
But in Egypt it means mourning; it can be often seen at funerals. In Brazil it is symbol of despair. In some European countries it is associated with envy, betrayal and improbity. It is associated with infidelity in Arab countries. This is a color of grief in Greece. Blue color in Japan symbolizes infamy and fraud. But in China, as well as in the US, it is associated with manhood, zeal, justice and vigilance. It is also associated with fidelity. Egyptians associate it with truth and verity. Green color in China is a color of treachery and proscription. At the same time in the US and in Europe this color is associated with hope, nature, health, authenticity and purity. It has relaxation effect, calms nervous system, and lowers blood pressure. It symbolizes youth, growth and freshness. A. S. Karmin notes that religious color symbols play major role in culture. Green color as sacred symbol of Islam is especially respected in Muslim culture. Black color in Europe ambiguous meaning in Europe, this is color of mourning, night, death and funerals, but also color of elegance, style and sexuality. In Japan it symbolizes harmony and joy. In China it is associated with
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