Privilege Of Whiteness

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The notion that anyone who works hard enough will be rewarded has been made difficult for the individuals that are not defined as white by the social construction of race which comes from society’s beliefs, racism and stereotypes. Being white comes with numerous privileges like higher education and citizenship and other supplementary increased equities that people of color don’t receive. In the video, the narrator states “immigrants were learning that whiteness was more than skin color. It was the privilege of opportunity. And above all, exclusive.” This is a very powerful statement that the narrator makes because firstly, it shows how immigrants who are experiencing a new environment or perhaps experience a culture shock LEARN that color is dominant and superior in many situations in which both colors should have an equal opportunity to excel. However, these beliefs and ideas are not just born into the world. It is something that is experienced and is learned through interactions and experiences. Melvin Oliver mentions in the video “the markers of race, skin color, hair texture, the things that we identify as the racial markers, mean nothing unless they are given social meaning…show more content…
Financial opportunities also allow one to be confident because one would not have to worry about what might possibly go wrong because of economic status. However, one would not have to worry about that because there is a lending hand to those who are seeking the assistance. These are all important things that increases opportunity. One would not get knowledge if they are stuck in a poor community in which everyone is stagnate. Therefore, financial resources is a great way to help people excel and get out of the ideas of they cannot do it because of race and other outside
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