The Importance Of Comedy In Twelfth Night

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Twelfth Night, does in fact corroborate with the idea that comedy is innately and “ultimately conservative” despite briefly “delighting in a topsy turvy world.” Many do argue that as most dramatic comedies, Twelfth Night, is of a more progressive nature, which as many playwrights constricted by the strict social rules of there time, Shakespeare aimed to critique society behind this guise of comedy. Shakespeare uses Viola as his symbolic green world in Twelfth Night, Thus causing chaos to ensue in Illyria. When dressed as Cesario, Viola holds the power and freedom of speech of a man,leading to her androgynous attractiveness to Olivia and thus catalysing the comedic plotlines of the play. The Topsy Turvy world of Shakespearean Comedy lends more space to create humour, the inversion of expectation and the creation of a subversive comedy in his characterisation and the use of social taboo is what makes Twelfth night’s conservative nature diminish. However “Ultimately” as in the end of the Green World and the play, Twelfth Night’s finale can definitely be seen as “ultimately conservative”. As with many of Shakespeare’s prolific comedies such as in Twelfth Night and in A Midsummer Nights Dream, they result in the return of order and resolve in the tying of loose ends of most of the radical undertones portrayed in the play up to that point, this is done mainly through marriages of a socially acceptable nature, Thus ending in this “ultimately conservative” resolution of the
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