The Importance Of Comfort Women

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During WWII, it was believed that many women under the colonial rule of the Empire of Japan were forced to serve as ‘comfort women’. Comfort women were used to relieve combat stress and raise the morale of the imperial troops, while not actively engaged in combat in Korea and China. Although in today’s society these women no longer exist. However, remnants of pain, suffering and cries for reparations are being demanded to be paid by Japan. In the article (Park urges Japan to resolve ‘comfort women’ issue while aging victims still alive, The Japan Times) Korean President Park Geun-hye asks Japan to ease the suffering of those affected as quickly as possible in hopes to restore what dignity and honor they have left. Seeing how many of them are already around the age of 90. With as many as 50 women left, the chances of getting an apology or some sort of compensation are unlikely. The main reason being is that the Japanese government firmly believes any and all compensations were made during the treaty between the two countries in 1965. This also set the diplomatic ties to a clean slate. The author of this article attempts to make a connection between the two countries in efforts to show talks are not going as plan and the events of the past are not so easily forgotten nor are they forgiven so easily. The author also leaves the reader with the knowledge that both leaders of Korea and Japan have yet to meet in a face to face meeting since both of them took office, along with a

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