Essay On Strength And Weakness Of Communication

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Communication is how we get our message across, exchange words, and express ourselves in ways to let others know something. The way we communicate is important in the world we live in and can be expressed in verbal or nonverbal ways. When we communicate and speak to others we use words, this mean you are using your verbal skills to communicate. For example, I am excited to be attending Phoenix and I want my academic advisor to know how excited I am. So, when she called to see how things were going in my next class I told her over the telephone how excited I am that I’ve chosen to attend The University of Phoenix. Speaking to someone over the telephone where they can hear your voice and the words you are saying to them, you are sing verbal skills to communicate.
Furthermore, you can express yourself non-verbally to communicate as well. Communicating nonverbal means you can use your body language, gestures and different expressions to send out a certain message to someone. For instance, when I see my next-door neighbor every morning I wave both my hands and I smile the biggest smile to let them know I’m saying hello in a friendly way. In addition to communicating nonverbal, just this past weekend my daughter’s great grandmother passed away and
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Each question consisted of my listening behavior and how it affects me. After completing the 25 questions my interpretation score was 119 which placed me in the 112-125 score bracket. This score depicts me as an outstanding listener in the classroom. My listening behavior skills represent my great strength to listen effectively. This implies that when someone else is speaking I’m paying attention and focusing on the message they are trying to deliver. Additionally, I am watching nonverbal communication as well as concentrating on a speaker every

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