The Importance Of Communication Between Parents And Teachers In Children's Education

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With regard to communication between the school and home, research indicated that regular communication between parents’and teachers in children’s education is a two ways.. (Linda, 2011:61).Moreover, Guolaug (2010:75) pointed out that the school and home relationship is very essential to raise children’s academic achievement. According to, Epstein (2009:34) indicated that relationship between schools and homes is the main reasons for all students succeed in the school.

Based on the above writers, some parents replied that “children’s educational achievement enhanced due to regular contact with teachers.” Further more, one informant parent replied that “I always go to school to ask to the teacher about the progress of my child’s academic performance, due to this good communication and follow up my child’s academic result was high’’. One informant student on his part explained that he had good grades in each semester due to the case of positive relationship between parents and teachers. Furthermore, research indicated that students with parents that were involved in their school tend to have fewer behavioural problems and better academic performance. They were also more likely to complete their schooling than students whose parents were not involved in their school (Rabaa, 2012:2)

Moreover, another research indicated that due to having good relationship mong parents and teachers, children were more successful in the school. Communicating regularly with their child’s
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