The Importance Of Communication In American Football

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My sophomore year of high school was my second year on the junior varsity soccer team. I was disappointed at first for having not made the varsity team when so many girls I grew up with and had played travel soccer with had made it as freshman and sophomores. A few days after tryouts my coach pulled me aside to speak with me. She told me that she wanted to have a team captain, which she had never done before because she was against the idea, and that she wanted me to be the one to hold that title and responsibility. I was thrilled. Throughout the season, our team had some struggles. Episodes of unnecessary drama would occur but they would be shut down immediately through discussion. My co-captain and I worked hard at building chemistry between our girls. We understood that good communication was the key to success and that our talents as soccer players could only take us …show more content…

Drama amongst ourselves would only drag our team down. The team had a goal. We wanted to win the title of “CCC (Central California Conference) champs”. We started to enforce team bondings before every home game. On the games against our rival school, we created “secret sisters”. This idea consisted of a teammate drawing a name from a bag, then presuming to write her a good luck letter or gift her a Gatorade and a candy. We talked with our coaches and made sure to have team meetings to discuss our games. As a team, we gave each other constructive criticism and encouraged one another to work with intensity. Ultimately, our team lost one game the entire season and we reached our goal. We earned the title “CCC champs” and I firmly believe that this goal was achieved due to the chemistry my co-captain and I had built

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