Essay On Nigeria Culture

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Culture is the way a group of people live, and it encompasses the beliefs, behaviors, symbols, and values that they subscribe to. These features are generally accepted and the members of the group simply follow and do them without paying much attention to them. Usually, communication is the way of passing them along the generation line. Although some cultures may display some similarities, there are some features of a culture that differentiates it from the other.
Communities are classified according to language, geographical boundaries among other factors. Consequently, on many occasions, one community will most probably find the cultural beliefs of one community challenging compared to its culture. This is especially so in regard to the
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However, there are several observable cultural practices that are unique and challenging for foreigners that interact with the Nigerian community. Nigeria, like other African communities, has a high power distance, practices more individualism has high gender imbalance, adopts high uncertainty avoidance. Power distance deals with how people accept power allocation in a given community. Nigeria has a high power distance that is characterized by assigning authority on grounds of education, age, and experience (Ogbonna, 2010). In this system orders are given from top to bottom where subordinates are dependent on management. This practice is different from low power distance in other countries where individuals are allowed to access authorities in any situation. Consequently, managerial decisions may be different and challenging for foreigners investing and interacting with the Nigerian…show more content…
By this, it means they treat change with contempt and prefer the society’s status quo. On the other hand, developed countries posses low uncertainty avoidance and so they view change as a chance to change the condition in the society to better standards. As a result, Nigerian community seems to neglect government policies that could affect, change, and bring development (Ogbonna, 2010). Western cultures adopt and implement government policies that could bring better conditions to the
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