The Importance Of Communication In Classroom Communication

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The communication models found in language classes are special. These models are different from those found in content-based situations. These communication models are special because their linguistic forms are often simultaneously the aim of a lesson and the means of obtaining those aims. According to (Walsh, 2006) meaning and message are the same thing. Meaning and message are the special tools for instruction, and the language is the main goal of the lesson and the focus of activity. On the other hand, language is also a tool for obtaining the objective of the lesson (Solhi & Büyükyazı, 2011). Interaction occurs between teachers and their students in order to acquire insights into class-based learning. The second language classroom is a dynamic and complex series of interrelated contexts, in which interaction is regarded as being essential to teaching and learning (Walsh, 2006). According to Qian, Tian &Wang (2009), classroom communication is a problematic means. Therefore, they claimed that understanding the dynamics of classroom discourse is obligatory for teachers to shape and keep good communicative practices.
Recent studies of interaction in classes which choose a mainly CLT methodology distinguish features of discourse in classrooms. For example, Fowler & Sarapli (2010) argued that features such as the insufficient number of error correction, emphasizing the communication over accuracy, and learner 's exposure to the extensive variety of discourse types

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