The Importance Of Communication In Communication

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Communication can be view as a metaphorical ‘pipeline’ along which information is transferred from one person to another (Axley, 1994). It is the lifeblood of any system of human interaction as without it, no meaningful or coherent activity can take place(Thomason, 1988: 400).The need to communicate effectively is the heart of any business be it construction, Banking, medical sector and any form of business. No matter our individual knowledge and skills, if we cannot effectively communicate our ideas to others we will be unable to succeed in our endeavours Stephen Emmitt & Christopher Gorse (2003). Elton Mayo(1945) believed that social study should begin with careful observation of what may be described as communication; that is, the capacity of an individual to communicate his feelings and ideas to another, the capacity of groups to communicate effectively and intimately with each other. Although managers in different industries and sector undertake diverse tasks and activities, it has long been recognized that they spend most of their time involved in communication (Baguley, 1994). However communication activities can include engaging in conversations, listening to colleagues, networking, collecting information, directing subordinates, writing letters or transferring information through electronic devices such as telephones or computers .Hence, in many ways the communication activities of managers defines their performances as managers: superior performance demands
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