The Importance Of Communication In Communication

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According to MacIntyre and Doucette report (2010) “willingness to communicate could be perceived as a readiness to speak in the L2 at a particular time with a specific person, and as such, is the final psychological step to the initiation of L2 communication”. Willingness to communicate is the most basic orientation towards the communication. Almost anyone is likely to respond to a direct question, but many would not continue or initiate interaction. McCroskey and Baer (1985) defined willingness to communicate as a stable tendency towards the communication, given the choice. WTC is considered to be of paramount importance to the realm of language teaching, due to its realization as the final intention to the initiation of the communication. The primacy of WTC lies in the fact that it partly arises from the role it plays in the interaction which undoubtedly leads to the development. McCroskey and Bear (1985) regarded self-esteem, introversion, communication competence and apprehension, and cultural diversity as the determining factors leading to WTC. Furthermore, MacIntyre and Charos (1996) added other key elements such as motivation, personality, and context to the above mentioned model. Peng (2007) argues that the concept of WTC should be ascribed to attempts by McCroskey and his associates. WTC was initially used with first language acquisition.Over the two last decades, Second Language Acquisition (SLA) researchers such as MacIntyre, Clément, Dörnyei, and Noels (1998),

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