The Importance Of Communication In Education

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My group is formed by a class from a public Primary Education school. They are 20 students between 7 and 8 years old, and they are in 2nd grade. The foreign language they are studying is English, and they study it on English as a subject (2 hours a week) and on the Social Sciences subject (3 hours a week). The CLIL lessons are taught in the students’ normal classroom, which has an interactive whiteboard, group tables and all the material needed. CLIL is offered from grade 1 until grade 6, so this would be the second year that this group of students work with this approach.
The average English level of the group is an A2 from the Common European Framework. The students’ parents are generally very involved with the school, taking care of their children’s necessities and maintaining a healthy communication with the teachers.
As for the language situation in the community, the school is located in the Basque Country. It is a multilingual society that has two official languages, namely Basque and Spanish. Basque was close to extinction during Franco’s dictatorship that took place on Spain until 1975. For that reason, Basque has a very important role in current education in the area, and the education system supports it through various language movements and strategies. In the case of this school, all the non-lingual subjects are offered in Basque. With the introduction of CLIL, the Social Sciences subject would be offered in English.

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