Picture Exchange Communication System

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Communication has always been a pivotal element in interacting with people in society however deaf and Autistic Spectrum Disorder-diagnosed people find the most fundamental routine a regular person can do very challenging considering their inability to communicate effectively in both written and spoken communication where people around them can understand the message they are trying to portray. In the communication process, there are certain barriers which hinder an effective two-way communication system. These people have the inability to communicate with others due to their condition.
Every 3 out of 5 people have these kinds of disorders and they feel segregated and isolated from society due to the discrimination they feel with most people around them. They feel that they are not secure and people tend to belittle them due to their inability and incapability. There were previous discrimination cases and issues on people
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There has been a modern communication structure called the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) for both Deaf and ASD people unlike the traditional PECS system giving high priority to ASD people that only emphasizes on both communication system and grammar. The system was adapted, developed and inspired by the PECS mobile application that utilizes objects that represent a certain thought that can enable these users to formulate words to sentences.
A large amount of literature has been published on the idea of the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) framework, emphasizing on both communication and grammar problems of autism spectrum disorder patients and how they could be understood by the people around them. The studies were based on the degree of effectiveness of each mobile

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