The Importance Of Communication In Literature

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Communication is one of the elements of life. At its highest level, communication is the essence of organism social interactions. There are various modes of communications like auditory, visual, olfaction/chemical and tactile. Different organism uses different mode according to their evolutionarily development. Chemical communication is still used by higher organism to lower organism. For example, for sexual and social recognition of partners. Within species-specific communication chemical signals also called pheromones are the signals carrier as it provides reliable information in the world of organisms. Lepidoptera insects are good examples of this. One of the species of Lepidopteran is Ostrinia Furnacalis.
Ostrinia Furnacalis, a voracious agricultural pest, causes severe damage to economically
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Yet, it took some time to find my interest in the particular field of chemistry when I came US. So I keep myself busy on searching some facts and trends and always asked some important question on myself like why I am here thousands of miles away from home, what is my purpose like so on. Having a lot of thirst on mind I started my literature search on SciFinder, I choose this platform because I had known some of its silent feature previously. As SciFinder has already taken as the universal too for literature search regardless of geography and culture. My journey started with SciFinder. So I keep on searching whatever question my mind on SciFinder almost every day on my earlier days before I took decision to join the lab. So SciFinder continuously helped me to analyze and develop my skill to filter the most essential information that I was looking for. Then It leads to conclusion and I end up on protein chemistry research. So, now I have no any hesitation to say SciFinder is unique tool, which helps me to take my career

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