Summary: The Importance Of Communication In Nursing

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In the nursing field it is essential to provide excellent patient care to promote the wellbeing of all patients. One of the most essential times for nurses to collaborate and work as a team is during report between shifts. It is of upmost importance that each nurse gives a thorough report to the next shift so that they are aware of all issues each patient is having and they can work as a team collaborating proper care to promote patient wellbeing.
Optimal communication in the health care environment is defined as an information-sharing experience in which all team members generate input using a variety of methods, including verbal, nonverbal, and written forms. According to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN),
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Nurses are well educated to manage an array of tasks related to decision making, prioritizing, and organizing, but interruptions can interfere with this cognitive process. (Chard, 2015) Because nurses are often very busy during their shifts sometimes information might be missed. It is because of these unintended omissions the nurse receiving the patients must also be able to know what questions they need to ask. He or she must be able to posses the knowledge of what they may to need to know about a patient. If the patient has chronic obstructive pulmonary disease for example, the nurse might want to know what their carbon dioxide level is or what their oxidation levels have been for the last 24 hours. If the patient is on coumadin they might want to know what their latest INR was. The last thing any nurse wants is a surprise during their shift or to not have the answers if a doctor asks them for the…show more content…
When a patient has an issue or problem nurses must work together as a team to find the answers and help their patient. There may be that one patient that might be acting a bit off; perhaps they are normally cognitively intact and continent of bowel and bladder but now they are incontinent and confused. Nurses must act as a team to figure out what is going on with their patient; do they have a urinary track infection? Should we get a urine culture and sensitivity? Should we start an antibiotic or maybe try increasing oral intake first? Mrs. Smith might be refusing to go to physical therapy every day and the nurse on the morning shift not know why; Mrs. Smith has told the afternoon nurse she worked twenty years on the graveyard shift at the local factory. By sharing this information with the morning shift, they may be able to schedule her physical therapy for later in the day to accommodate the schedule she is used to. Mrs. Smith is now getting her physical therapy, so she can recover from her hip surgery and go home with her husband. The patient benefits from the teamwork and collaboration of these team members.
In conclusion nurses in all disciplines must posses and utilize effective tools for communication and be willing to work as a team to provide the best possible care for their patients. When information is missed in report it can lead to both minor or major adverse events for the patient. Utilizing
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